Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Fruits of my Labor

To say I had a busy weekend was an understatement. I baked 2 blueberry bundt cakes, a triple layer carrot cake, & 75 cupcakes. My oven & KitchenAid mixer worked a lot of overtime. The blueberry bundts & carrot cake were for a birthday, & the cupcakes were for a wedding shower. We all know how much I adore cupcakes, so those were a blast for me to make. Oh & the best part...I used PNCs for the first time!! (PNC=Party Nut Cups for those non-bakers) I will never use a regular cupcake pan & wrapper again. I loved the look of the cupcakes in the cute!

Triple-layer carrot can't see the little design on the side.

Half of the cupcakes. I made strawberry, vanilla & chocolate.

A shower tower! (I totally just made that up!)

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