Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Amano is Amazing!

That's right, folks, two chocolate posts in a row! I told you I love the stuff!! I wrote a post a while ago about the opportunity I had to sample Amano chocolate & how much I loved it. Loved it! Art Pollard from Amano Chocolate gave a few of BlakeMakes' Sooper Heros a chance to try his new Jembrana chocolate. This chocolate comes from the Jembrana region of Bali, Indonesia, & in true Amano style it is amazing! Out of all kinds of chocolate, dark is by far my favorite, & Amano makes quite possibly the best I've ever tasted. This little beauty of a bar is in my desk drawer at work, & I have to have a little square every day!

Art, you've outdone yourself again! Thank you so much for letting us taste your amazing chocolate! Thanks as always to Blake of BlakeMakes!!

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